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Learn to love piano with enjoyable and engaging lessons

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Maria Torres Smiling

Hi! I'm Maria Torres, and I have 25+ years of experience playing and teaching music and piano to 1000+ students in several countries.

What makes my piano lessons different?

There is much more in piano playing than pressing the keys. It’s also about you feeling capable of playing well, understanding the music you’re playing, and you experiencing enjoyable and memorable moments learning and making music.

I will help you to...

Feel confident playing the music you love

"After no experience playing piano before, I already learnt to play some of my favourite songs within a few months."

Be excited about your next lesson

"The lesson today was better than my birthday party!"

See real progress after every lesson

“I was impressed so much by the improvement by the end of half an hour.”

Feel motivated to play every day

"Charlie is constantly playing at the moment. It's so lovely to hear, and I never get bored of hearing him play."

Enjoy learning with challenging games

"Can we play 'Apple, Pear, Mango' today? Please!"

Smiling Girl Playing Piano

"My daughter is so happy going to her lessons and learning new songs in a warm, caring and fun environment."

It's never too early or too late to learn piano

The best time to start is now. Find the best programme for you within the options below.

Lessons for 4-6 year olds

Give your child a great start in music! They will love playing music and games with their teacher and friends.

Lessons for 7-17 year olds

Your child will have fun learning their favourite music because they'll feel great at playing the piano!

Lessons for adults

Play the music you love from your first lesson! Learn at your own pace feeling extraordinarily confident.

More than just lessons

Learning doesn't stop when the lesson ends.


Online Piano Lessons

Choose the best lesson format for you every week with online piano lessons.


Book your no obligation, free trial lesson.

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